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Fic in-joke: Okay, apparently I completely missed where they were going with this when I wrote "The Bakery Bandit". Or, hopefully, we'll get that bit of it later. But: OH BABY GIRL.
We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin- Andre Berthiaume )
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Disclaimers: No member of the Criminal Minds team belongs to me, they belong to Bernero, Gordon, et al. If I did own them, or CBS, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO WRITE THIS FIC. D:
Rating: FRC. This fic Haz A Sad.
Genre: Gen/Post-Ep/ Friendship
Spoilers: 6.02, "JJ"; it is a post-ep, act accordingly.
Characters: Hotch and Garcia, mentions of the rest.
Night Watch 'Verse

Note: A particularly schmoopy bit of of writerly-cope with last week's episode. So, pretty much SOP for this 'verse.

Summary: The rest of the team deals in their own particular idiom; Penelope does as well, but with the aid of mysteriously appearing baked goods.

It had started with the black currant scones. )
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So, it's 10:05 EST, and I've been bawling for the past 10 minutes over a television show. And despite what people who shall remain my mother might say, I don't do this all that often. But like most people in this episode, I must defer to the power of forces greater than myself. Like the CM writing staff and cast.

The only thing you can trust is the ground beneath you. Until one day, it shifts. )
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Disclaimers: No member of the Criminal Minds team belongs to me, they belong to Bernero, Gordon, et al. Even though if they gave me Hotch and/or Garcia for Christmas, I'd be thrilled. All the lyrics quoted here in belong to their attributed authors, and the sea shanty is by Charles Wingate.
Rating: FRC. Angst, some Hotch-whump, but nothing explicit.
Genre: Gen/Hurt-Comfort/Friendship
Spoilers:  None. Set in the nebulous near-future.
Characters: Hotch and Garcia, with some cameos by the rest.
Series: Night Watch 'Verse

Note: a) Title from "Lord of The Rings: Return of the King", for reasons which will become apparent.
b) This is a remix/variation/three-times-bass-expansion-riff on a comment-fic that [ profile] melliyna wrote me. (This being the second time that's happened.) The prompt being "Garcia and Hotch, locked in a room somewhere. (Possibly a broom closet?)" Well, it was awesome, and the closet turned into a maintenance shed, and grew horns and  a tail. (The story did, metaphorically.) So basically, this is all her fault too.

Summary: Why is it that when she comes out in the field, things never go smoothly? After an encounter with an unsub leaves them locked in a shed, a freaked-out Garcia tries to keep a concussed Hotch awake long enough to be rescued, using every trick she knows.

"Here at journey's end I lie in darkness buried deep/ beyond all towers strong and high/ beyond all mountains steep"- J.R.R. Tolkien )
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Disclaimers: No member of the Criminal Minds team belongs to me, they belong to Bernero, Gordon, et al. I just have lots of fun playing in their sandbox. And all the lyrics quoted here in belong to the Man in Black, used in homage.
Rating: FRC. Completely cracky fluff fic. Only a few scattered salty words.
Genre: Gen/Crack-Fic/Song-Fic/Friendship
Spoilers:  None. Set in the nebulous near-future.
Characters: Rossi POV, starring the whole team.

Note: Title from the lyrics of Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue". This fic was written because a)I have an awesome and unhealthy love for Johnny Cash, and b) I was listening to a live version of "Boy Named Sue" at work the other day while thinking about CM. So then this fic screamed at me until I wrote it. :)

Summary: Karaoke!Fic. David Rossi is the Lord of Chaos, especially where Hotch is concerned. Nefarious doings ensue, involving beer, the "kids", and his secret knowledge of Hotch's musical tastes.

"But ya ought to thank me, before I die, / For the gravel in ya guts and the spit in the eye /Cause I'm the son-of-a-bitch that named you 'Sue'." )
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Disclaimers: Neither  Hotch, nor Garcia, nor cute little Jack Hotchner belong to me; they are the playthings of Bernero, et al. And all the bits of "Where's My Cow" quoted or mangled within belong wholeheartedly to the wonderful Terry Pratchett. I only borrow them affectionately, and make no money off them.
Rating: FRC. Complete fluff.
Genre: Gen,
Spoilers: No specific ones, general for up to 5.19, since it is set int the nebulous near-future.
Characters:  Garcia, Jack, Hotch.
SeriesNight Watch 'Verse. In spirit, at least.
Note: a) Written after my own copy of WMC? arrived yesterday, and due to some very silly late night Twitter sessions with [ profile] melliyna  and [ profile] kelachrome . So blame them. :)

Summary: Auntie Penelope reads "Where's My Cow?" to Jack. (The Special Version.)


Penelope Garcia knew that it was possibly an ill-advised idea. But that had never stopped her before. Especially since she had always subscribed to the "Corrupting But Fun Influence" School of Auntie-ing.  )
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Disclaimers: No member of the BAU or the fictional FBI belongs to me, though I love them dearly. They are the playthings of Messrs. Gordon, Bernero, and Mundy.
Rating: FRT (No gore, lots of angst)
Genre: Gen/Future!Fic/Angst
Spoilers: Future!Fic, so everything up to 5x11 (especially for Season 5's opening arc)

Characters: David Rossi, Jack Hotchner; everyone else in mention.
, JJ/Will


a) Written for the  "Criminal Minds Gen-A-Thon II: It's Back Edition", in which you should all totally go participate.
b) Damn it, I try to write happy stuff, but Lady Angst, she has cruel wiles.
c)Title from "Saint George and the Dragon".
d) ETA: First story in what I am tentatively calling the Dragon'Verse.

Prompt: Rossi and Jack, ""fairytales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairytales tell children that dragons can be killed.""

Summary: Future!Fic. 5 years after leaving the BAU for good, David Rossi gets a panicked midnight phone call from Quantico. Because some days, the dragon wins.

The dragon none to death might bring/ By any means they could invent/ His skin more hard than brass was found/That sword nor spear could pierce nor wound... )
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Disclaimers: No member of the BAU or the fictional FBI belongs to me, though I love them dearly. They are the playthings of Messrs. Gordon, Bernero, and Mundy.
Rating: FRC (sappy and completely non-explicit.)
Spoilers: BIG DAMN DEPRESSING ONES for 5x09, "100",
Genre: Post-Ep, 5x09/Angst/Het
Series: Night Watch 'Verse
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Kevin Lynch

Notes: a)Completely unbeta-ed, a cathartic writer's indulgence post ep for "100", so sorry if it sucks.
b)Oh my god, I wrote Het! There's a first time for everything.
c) Kind of, sort of, catty corner to the Night Watch 'Verse, though Hotch himself does not make an appearance. But Penelope is written with that history in mind.

Summary: Kevin returns to the BAU, after the day that was the day.


In retrospect, thought Kevin Lynch, today might not have been the best day for the BAU debut of the bacon donut. )
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Okay....not a great episode, but it had a lot of pretty good moments within it. Can I have my own personal Garcia, please? )
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Disclaimers: None of the BAU belong to me, though I love them dearly. All the fun toys belong to Mark Gordon and Eddie Bernero, though Eddie in particular can’t seem to play gently with his nice things.
Rating: FRC. All the whumping mentioned here was inflicted by Chris Mundy, and I am only filling in the comfort half.

Genre: Post-Ep/Gen/Hurt-Comfort

Spoilers: Set immediately after the events of  “Nameless, Faceless”, so BIG spoilers up to 5x01.

Characters: Garcia, Reid, JJ, Hotch

Pairing: None

Notes: a) This is (somewhat) part of my Hotch/Garcia post-ep series, retroactively tagged as the NightWatch’verse.  Which started with “I Watched”, and the most recent of which was “The Devil and Mr. Coffee”. (Which is now necessarily AU, given that the ending was Bernero’d by the premiere.)

b) Yes, I know, I should be working on Chapter Three of VITA, but I have writer’s block on that, and this story would NOT LET ME BE until I wrote it.

c) I have actually scored the eponymous word in Scrabble, in real life. True facts.

 Summary:  In the peace of evening, after the harsh light of day, Garcia goes to visit her boys in the hospital.


“Wait, is that really a word? Or did you just come up with that on the fly?” )


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 Disclaimers: None of the members of the BAU Team, current or former, or John Blackwolf, belong to me, although I wish they did. Neither does Hotch’s dad, though I gave him a first name. The ER doc belongs to me, though. But I make nothing off this, only feedback and love. The title belongs to the late, great Robert Johnson, and his fantastic song.

Rating: FRT. Mentions of violence, injury and blood. Lots of psychic Hotch-whump.

 Spoilers: BIG HUGE AWFUL ONES for the end of 4.25/26, “To Hell and Back”.

 Genre:  Gen/Post-Ep/Angst/AU (due to the events of 5x01)

 Summary:  After being shot by George Foyet, Hotch is hovering between life and death. To survive, he will need the help of a few old friends. 


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 Disclaimers: Neither Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Kevin Lynch, or Jennifer Jareau  belong to me. Although I am currently using them with less cruelty than their actual owner. (DAMN YOU ED BERNERO.) I also don’t own the  Douglas Adams quote that Hitchhiker’s Guide fans will be able to spot.

Rating: FRT Lots of angst, and mentions of violence, injury and blood.

 Spoilers: Being that it’s partly a post-ep, BIG HUGE AWFUL ONES for the end of 4.25/26, “To Hell and Back”.

Genre:  Missing Scene/Post-Ep/Angst/AU (due to the events of 5x01)

 Characters: Hotch and Garcia, with cameos by Kevin and JJ at the end.

Note: This is the final Season 4 entry in my Hotch/Garcia series, that started with “I Watched”. But by god, there will be ones for season 5, or I will know the reason why. 

Summary: The BAU’s night watch commiserate as usual, after the end of the Sarnia case. But is it for the last time?  


Read more... )


Fic: Sentry

May. 3rd, 2009 03:07 pm
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 Disclaimers: Aaron Hotchner does not belong to me, to my eternal disappointment. (Neither does Penelope Garcia, either.)
Rating: FRT
Spoilers: 1.14, “Riding The Lightning”; 2.1, “The Fisher King, Part Two”; 3.2, “In Birth and Death”; 4.1, “Mayhem”; and 4.22, “The Big Wheel”
Genre:  Angst/Missing Scenes
Characters: Hotch. Hotch Hotch Hotch. Hotch-angst ahoy. ( With a brief cameo by Garcia at the end.)

Summary:  Sentry, n. 1. A guard, especially a soldier posted at a given spot to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons. 2. The duty of a sentry; watch. (Or, Why Mom Volunteers For All The Crappy Jobs.)



He doesn't look away. )


Mama Bear

Apr. 5th, 2009 12:25 pm
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 Disclaimer: Neither Aaron Hotchner nor Penelope Garcia belong to me. I’m just borrowing them every once in a while.

 Rating: K. Completely harmless.

 Genre: Friendship

 Spoilers: Up to 4.10, “Brothers in Arms.”

 Summary:  A late-night phone call from Phoenix to Quantico.  Post-ep for “Brothers in Arms.” (A triple-drabble addition to what seems to be turning into a Hotch-Garcia series.)



“Penelope Garcia, FBI Office of Supreme Genius, IT Knowledge, and Scone Recipes.” )


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Disclaimer: I do not own either of these lovely characters. I be a poor poor library assistant with not a lot of money.


Rating: G. No cursing at all, except for one h-e-double-hockey-sticks.


Spoilers: Up to 4.03, “Minimal Loss”


Summary: The knight errant returns to the castle, to converse with the gentle fool. Hotch/Garcia post-ep, “Minimal Loss.”

Note: This is a companion story to my earlier post-ep, “I Watched”, and this will make much more sense if you read it first.




I Watched

Apr. 5th, 2009 11:51 am
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 Disclaimer: Do not own any of them, especially Hotch or Garcia, which makes me sad.

Rating: PG, even very little swearing, I think.

Spoilers: BIG NASTY ones for 4.01, “Mayhem”

Genre: General/Friendship                             

 Summary: Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? (Who watches the watchers?) -Juvenal

Who’s waiting on the other end of that awkward trip down I-95? Post-ep for “Mayhem”



Ah, Baby Girl, I knew you couldn't wait to hear my voice one more hour... )





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