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The rest of the end quote:

" [love] completes many things,

and warrants them to take effect,

where he who does not love would faint and lie down."

Yeah, that's pretty much it.  Oh, you wanted rational thought? I'm so sorry, tonight's Hotch ep has decircuited my brain. :)

there's nothing you can do that can't be done )
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Fic in-joke: Okay, apparently I completely missed where they were going with this when I wrote "The Bakery Bandit". Or, hopefully, we'll get that bit of it later. But: OH BABY GIRL.
We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin- Andre Berthiaume )
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The thing is, I've always been more partial to the Rossi episodes than I might let on. And this is no exception.

Eff Proust, I'll go with Mark Twain. )

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So, it's 10:05 EST, and I've been bawling for the past 10 minutes over a television show. And despite what people who shall remain my mother might say, I don't do this all that often. But like most people in this episode, I must defer to the power of forces greater than myself. Like the CM writing staff and cast.

The only thing you can trust is the ground beneath you. Until one day, it shifts. )
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I was so pissed in July when the news came. So pissed. But there's still so much I love about the show, and they've sucked me in for the time being.

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I have found a new show! And it is shiny! Well, at least a rough and dirty, Cap'n Tightpants-in-"Firefly" kind of  shiny.
What do you possibly own that you could dryclean? )
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This is a problem. Because "In Plain Sight" is, for once, intruding on my philosophical writing brain. So y'all will have to bear with me.

'it's bad enough that he treats you as a puppet, but then he makes you pull your own strings."-Terry Pratchett )


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 Because really, this episode would be worth it just for that opening JJ/Emily/Garcia scene. Everything else is gravy.

'You pretend that rats can think, and I'll promise to pretend that humans can think, too.'  )


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"Send.... hell, send everybody."

 5 minutes in, y'all. I think that line needs to be considered a signal of a good, nay, great CM episode. Along with it being in Florida. Their Florida episodes are some of their most twisted, but also some of the most centered. They know what they're doing, they know where they're going with these.

The Lady...."The 'Million-to-One' Chance--and all of the other chances as well" )
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Okay, so I compeletely wussed out on doing a review last week. A), because I am going all Hamlet up in this piece with the life-related indecision. And B) because last week's backdoor pilot sucked ass, pretty much. But my show is back, so here be my weird unrelated thoughts.

"She'd always tried to stare into the light. *Always* tried to stare into the light. But the longer you stared into the light, the harsher it burned you, until the temptation picked you up, bid you turn around, and see how long, rich and dark and streaming, your shadow had become." - Pratchett )
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[ profile] fabrisse  said it best on TWoP:

When Morgan says it, Prentiss sounds a lot like Princess.

Oh, thank god. I thought it was just me. And she is a princess. Except in the snarky, Cimorene from Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Fiona from Shrek kind of way.

for once in this life/ I better do something right/ but I'm caught in a world that won't stop burning )
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Okay, I would like to to preface this with a disclaimer. You are not to expect any rationality from this week's post, becuase it hit my triggers way too hard. In the well-done way.

Little duck, little duck, dost thou see, Hansel and Gretel are waiting for thee... )
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Broadcasting from within the Snowpocalypse Nowish. And when the best I can say is, "I am very glad they did not have some one killed at a bus stop", you know this is a triggery episode.

A connected guy, from Down Providence... )
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Okay, so that started off gimmicky in the first half-hour, and then broke my heart in the second.

these kids today, with their computers and their texting... )
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Ha. Wil Wheaton now has competition in the "Creepiest Criminal Minds Character ever played by A Star Trek: The Next Generation Alum" Derby. As yet another icon of my childhood bites the dust.

Don't leave me. )
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My request to the unheard skies for this week: "Can we have a *win*? something like a win?" And they answered, kind of...

Will you take that ride with me? )
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Okay, so while Hotch is coming back from the depths of hell, we have Emily descending, yes?

Dance Dance Wherever You May Be... )

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DAMN IT. BUGGERIT MILLENIUM HAND AND SHRIMP. Why must my Bureau shows be throwing me a curve this month?

This is not a cool XMas present, Jeff Eastin. DAMN IT. )

I'm on a serious FBI kick right now. I found a paperback version of Bryan Burroughs's Public Enemies -a history of the Great Crime Wave, Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde et al, and the self-birth of the FBI. And it's got me totally hooked. I was reading it for, like 3 hours straight this afternoon after work. Wow. Also, I think I have kind of a crush on John Dillinger. Not the Johnny Depp version either. I would have totally been a moll, y'all.


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