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"Take your tie off for once in your life."- Jason Gideon

Because [ profile] melliyna  and [ profile] bessemerprocess are very persuasive people. Because, after the big release of finishing Tim-in-Peril, my WsIP are again kicking my ass, and I need a little inspiration. Fic-a-thons are very inspirational. Because I can't let other people  have all the fun, and damn it, my birthday's on Saturday and I want some shiny. And because h/c has been my particular kink since I was 14 years old. (As anyone who's even glanced at my fic-list should be able to tell.) Named for the honorable Canadian Mounted Policeman who always saved the woman in peril. Not that, with this fandom, the peril should be gender-restricted.

Rules (because rules help guide the fun!):
1. You provide the prompts, other people provide the shiny. I'll include some below to get us started. Both anonymous and signed prompts/responses are  allowed.
2. This is primarily a gen/AU/crack fic-athon. But canon ships, or crossover ships, or OMCs/OFCs, I'll go for.
3. Any rating is fine, as long as there is proper warning first. And since this is an h/c kinda thing, I expect there will be whump, emotional or physical;.
4. But, this is a themed fic-athon. Where there is hurt, there should be comfort; where there is whump, there should be some sort of anti-whump afterwards. I don't expect all hugs and puppies, but let the header quote be your guide.
5. Expect spoilers within, up to Season 5.

Good? Good. *evil grin*

Inaugural Prompts:
-Morgan, Rossi; woods, "I'm not really an outdoorsman", limp
-JJ- riot/public disturbance at a press conference, she's rattled but doesn't want to show it
- Emily and Reid; Reid saves the day, MacGyver style
-Hotch, Rossi; scars; Dave in the Marines (bonus if there is crossover and Gibbs is involved)
-Any team-member; loss of the Cop Of The Week, felt deeply
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