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This is a problem. Because "In Plain Sight" is, for once, intruding on my philosophical writing brain. So y'all will have to bear with me.

I was going to trust this episode. Because Breen Frazier was writing it, and I trust him. But then they had the real estate girlie with a thousand friends on there, and it all went out of whack.

Because she is not the exemplar for this generation. I hope "Email on crack", is only like crack if you use it as such. The internet is not a physically reactive substance, until it reacts with a susceptible brain. Moderation is POSSIBLE with Teh Interweb.

But the one positive is that this is the second AWESOME Garcia ep in a row. Especially because he is intruding upon her territory. Like my favorite movie, "Quills". Which is all about battle for intellectual territory.

OH MY GOD. I adore David Rossi. We haven't gotten a scene like that in nearly a season, and it shows. And I appreciate it, because there are Grampas who cannot deal wit computers, and then there are Grampas like my Grampa R, who practically invented the internet. And Rossi's gotta negotiate the space between them, and he CAN.

And finally, I may need to write a Hotch/Garcia post ep  Because, DAMN, that live video scene. He's so past the usual reaction to these scenarios. And she knows why. Why  he yells at her like that. But there really needs to be a reckoning between them.



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