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I am existent. I have slightly more existence than a breadbox, and slightly less existence than a truck. /Coupling-Jeff-Murdoch

I hereby state an early New Year's Resolution, that I will update these much more often than I have been. Having only three classes rather than four next semester should help quite a bit.

Sorry that I sort of disappeared during December, but I did end up killing my first semester of grad school with fire. Even the design-y artistic things that freaked me out, and writing papers for the first time in three years. The thing they never tell you about library science reading is how funny it is. Lots of stealth snark about very nerdy things.

Plus, pre-Christmas exams/due-dates are the best thing ever. I can spend a near-month working and bothering the internet and writing fic, and *then* back into the breach, dear friends.

She Who Is Glorious And Should Be Worshipped, Miss Rachel Maddow, did three live shows from the 92Y in NYC the week before Christmas. And since I was done on the 20th, I went to see the first one. She was amazing, as were [personal profile] aliya , [personal profile] jesidres , and [personal profile] willwrite_fortea , who are delightful and  bravely put up with my weirdness/squee throughout dinner and the show.

Went up to MA for the holidays, saw the Grandrents and a lot of family, including my best-beloved [ profile] phantomcranefly . We all watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special together on Christmas night, and it was as nerdy and as glorious as one might expect. A trip to the Christmas Revels happened DESPITE Winter Snowpocalypse 2010, and much pagan ritual and singing were had.

And now the Mom and the FG and I are spending our usual New Year's decompression week at the Old Homestead. There are tentative plans to go see The King's Speech tomorrow.

Also? White Collar comes back in three weeks! EEEEEE. And thanks to [ profile] monkeyonthelam , I have a new awesome show, Castle, to squee about. With a pompous but nerdy and awesome Nathan Fillion, and a leading lady who brings the snark, and a work family who is nearing equal in my estimation to the BAU. What can I say, I'm hooked.

I'm also well  into the second season of The Man From UNCLE, is very hard to describe my feelings for this show. I'm not usually one for strong shipping, especially anything that's not supported in canon. But there's a first time for everything, so Illya and Napoleon have made me into a confirmed slasher.  And yeah, lots of humour and subtle spy-guy angst and "only alive on the edge of death" stuff too.

Spring semester starts the 18th, and getting through this *first* semester has helped a whole lot. I have a few shifts at my job, but I think the next demi-month or so will be spent being mostly useless and/or writing things.

Welcome Yule, Love, and Happy Holidays, all.

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Finally saw THE APARTMENT on Monday, when I went to pick up the keys from the Housing Office and get my student ID. And I have to say, it's really kind of fantastic. The dining room and the living room are one, but they are furnished (!) I will need to go purchase some Sofa Parasites (tm Steven Moffatt) though. Then there is the unholy abomination that I have termed the Hallchen, because Kitchway doesn't have the cadence. Basically it is a corridor with the bedrooms on one side, refrigerator/cabinets/electric range (!!) on the other, and bathroom at the end. 

Don't know which bedroom I'll get, because a) haven't heard back from Theoretical Roomie, so b) she may be there when I arrive. I have termed them Thingummy and Bob, and am now leaning toward claiming Bob, if I have my choice.

It's less than 48 hours until  Saturday morning and the main portion of move-out. Involving driving and cars. And (Ex)Coworker M coming in contact with my mother. Which could go fantastically, or could go like matter meeting anti-matter. Who knows. Most things are packed. Tomorrow,  since the FG is heading up to campus for band camp anyway, I'm accompanying them with a YOOGE suitcase full of clothes.

I also have a bead on a part-time assistant job which sounds rather fun, so *fingers crossed*; and I've discovered or rediscovered "White Collar", and am having a Tim DeKay renaissance. I swear to god I'm not fandom-cheating on Hotch, though.

And there are many, many other family things going on at the exact same time, so basically, it's our annual/bi-yearly tornado of STUFF. Of which my shit is really the least important; and for the first time in a year or so, I feel like I may be on top of it. (Check back in two weeks after classes start. There May Be Flail.)
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Disclaimer: Peter, Neal, Jones, Diana, and El do not belong to me; they belong to the lovely and talented Jeff Eastin and USA Networks.
Rating: FRC. Not even any whump, really.
Genre: Gen/Friendship/Hurt-Comfort
Spoilers: None, really, but set post-2x01, and general background up to 2x05.
Pairing: None
Characters: Jones POV; Neal, Peter, Jones and Diana.

Notes: 1) Originally written  and posted for the hurt/comfort comment-fic meme  over at [ profile] whitecollarhc . For [ profile] ariadnes_string 's prompt, "Peter. Appendicitis.(my preference would be for Elizabeth to be out of town, and Neal to be dealing with it on his own, but if you'd rather include her, that's good too) Gen or slash. "
2) Yeah. I know. My last three fics, all in first-time fandoms for me. It's crazy. Swear I'll get back to CM eventually. But I really do love WC, and have been waiting to find a good fic idea for a while.

Summary: Peter Burke is usually a pretty reasonable man, but not when it comes to illness. Namely his own. Now Jones has to call in the big guns. (You know who.)

Rule One of the List According to Special Agent Clinton W. Jones IV: "What happens in the van, stays in the van." )
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DAMN IT. BUGGERIT MILLENIUM HAND AND SHRIMP. Why must my Bureau shows be throwing me a curve this month?

This is not a cool XMas present, Jeff Eastin. DAMN IT. )

I'm on a serious FBI kick right now. I found a paperback version of Bryan Burroughs's Public Enemies -a history of the Great Crime Wave, Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde et al, and the self-birth of the FBI. And it's got me totally hooked. I was reading it for, like 3 hours straight this afternoon after work. Wow. Also, I think I have kind of a crush on John Dillinger. Not the Johnny Depp version either. I would have totally been a moll, y'all.
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My new love affair. Because I totally needed *another* adorable buttoned-up fictional FBI agent to be obsessed with. And the cute con-man boy-toy ain't any slouch either.

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Okay, in my usual neurotic and frantic fashion, I have gotten stuff done. GO ME.

Went to the dentist today. And that was its own kind of stressful, because I've been going to see the man since I was 4. So if anything goes wrong with my teeth, I feel like I have personally disappointed him. But yaay, clean bill of dental health.

Then, quest to Trenton to get the bus pass of the month. (After losing the last one a week before the end of the month, and surviving using rolls of quarters. EPIC PUBLIC TRANSIT FAIL.)

Then, this afternoon. Which despite it being filled with typing and filling in forms, which I DO FOR A LIVING, was stressful. Because it is really not in my nature, in a lot of ways, to put myself out there. To be "Here is exactly why I am awesome, and you should totally let me into your Master of Library and Information Science Program." But, finished one, half of another (turns out I cannot plug  essay for First School into the essay topic for second school. DAMN IT.) So 1 and a half down, and half and one to go. Plus ordering various scores and transcripts and whatchamawhosits  from 50-eleven places.

(And The Empress tried to help. But her helping, as a cat, is somewhat less than optimal.
The Empress: *jumps up next to computer* PET ME.
Me: Go away, I'm doing stuff.
The Empress: * jumps on back of office chair* I went away, I came back. PET ME.
Me: *frantic call to the Maternal Unit for date we moved to Jersey*
The Empress: *does unspeakable nuzzly things to the phone*
Ah. Cats.)

But I've started it. A hit, a palpable hit. So I am calling it a day, pouring myself a scotch in a bit, and waiting for our scintillating Friday night plans. (Which basically are, pizza, Daniel Craig blowing up shit, and Matt Bomer/Tim DeKay being cute and competent.) (I Am Totally Hooked on White Collar after one episode, everybody.) Oh the exciting life I lead.


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