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Disclaimer: No member of the Criminal Minds team belongs to me; they are the brain children of Gordon, Bernero and Erica Messer.
Rating: PG-13/FRT
Warnings: There be slightly porny waters ahead; nothing very explicit, mostly just schmoopy.
Genres: Slash, Romance, Post-Ep
Spoilers: Up to and including 7x01, "It Takes A Village."
Characters/Pairings: David Rossi/Aaron Hotchner

Notes: a) *waves at CM fandom* Hi! Haven't been around in a while but the season premier inspired me. Unbeta-ed, so all mistakes are mine.
b) Title from the Frank Sinatra song.
b) Inspired by and written for my bb!girls [personal profile] kelachrome and [personal profile] lilalanor , from our communal live-watching silliness. They wanted "Dave feeding Aaron a nice Italian dinner"; I added the sexin'. :)

Summary:  Set sometime after/during the events of "It Takes A Village." Tomorrow, the work-a-day world starts again, but tonight Dave is going to see that Hotch gets fed properly and put to bed.

just imagine someone/waiting at the cottage door/ when two hearts become one/ who could ask for anything more? )

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Disclaimers: No member of the Criminal Minds team belongs to me, they belong to Bernero, Gordon, et al. If I did own them, or CBS, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO WRITE THIS FIC. D:
Rating: FRC. This fic Haz A Sad.
Genre: Gen/Post-Ep/ Friendship
Spoilers: 6.02, "JJ"; it is a post-ep, act accordingly.
Characters: Hotch and Garcia, mentions of the rest.
Night Watch 'Verse

Note: A particularly schmoopy bit of of writerly-cope with last week's episode. So, pretty much SOP for this 'verse.

Summary: The rest of the team deals in their own particular idiom; Penelope does as well, but with the aid of mysteriously appearing baked goods.

It had started with the black currant scones. )
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Disclaimers: Neither  Hotch, nor Rossi belong to me; they are the playthings of Bernero, et al.
Rating: FRC. Bickering, bickering, bickering then angst.
Genre: Missing Scenes/Gen/H/C
Spoilers:  Set during 5.21, "Exit Wounds."
Characters:  Rossi,  Hotch.

a) Title shamelessly pluralized and ripped off from Sir Terry Pratchett.
b)This idea had been bugging me since "Exit Wounds" aired last week, but it was finally written/originally posted as angsty-shiny for [ profile] melliyna , who wanted both "Rossi, Hotch, a hotel room and scars." and  " Possessive!Rossi/Hotch". Though this is pretty much platonic. At least in the sense that Holmes and Watson in Sherlock Holmes '09 were platonic.

Summary: So, Reid is off reading until 2 AM in his own room, obviously. How Hotch and Rossi shared three nights in a small Alaskan hotel room.

Night One

"Rossi." *silence* "Rossi?" *silence* "Dave?" )
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Disclaimer: Only one of these characters belongs to me. All members of the BAU belong to Mark Gordon, Ed Bernero, et al; all members of the NCIS Major Case Squad belong to Belisarius and Shane Brennan; Rich the Bartender and the clock are making a return appearance from my fic, "Birds and Bourbon."
Rating: FRC (angsty, but tame otherwise.)
Spoilers: General up to NCIS 7x09, "Child's Play""; specific for CM, 5x09, "100", and 5x10 "The Slave of Duty."
Timeframe: Set directly after CM 5x10, and sometime after NCIS 7x09.
Genres: Crossover (NCIS/Criminal Minds); Post-Ep; Romance/Het; Angst
Characters: Tim McGee, Emily Prentiss; appearances by Dave Rossi, Tony DiNozzo and Abby Sciutto.
Pairings: McGee/Prentiss

Notes: a) Written for my lovely and talented muse, [ profile] melliyna , who wanted more crossover.
b) A sequel to my first NCIS/CM crossover, "Don't Run With Scissors.", except with MOAR angst and some schmoop. So go read that first.
c) Title is from the Billie Holiday song.

Tim and Emily run into each other again on a cold winter's night, after a tough summer and a cruel autumn.

If it hadn't been for Rich briefly being unable to find the Seagram's, Tim McGee wouldn't even have spotted her. )


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