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*waves at everybody* Things got a little hectic for a while there.
cut for personal stuff that you all can skip if necessary )

So, short story long :  [personal profile] lilalanor and I have been trading new fandom addictions back and forth this summer.

long and rather silly explanation )
SO: we decided the only solution- Food/Porn Fic-Athon!


FOOD. PORN. Two great tastes that taste great together! GO FOR IT!

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yeah, sort of broke that New Year's resolution.  :D

So right now:

*In between semesters, still working at my part-time job. But since I've been doing this in turbo-mode, September 1 marks the start of my last semester for this MLIS. (So brain has decided it's plenty of time to start freaking out about the job market. ;)

*But before that freakout, comes....MOVING TWIRLY BRAIN.  Woo. It's a 2 bedroom place, 1 town over, 4 miles away, starting August 1st. The new place is awesome, and I even get a month to myself to settle in before I have to share it with New Roommate. (Who seems to be awesome; she's a Evo Anthro PhD student, and just as much of a nerd as I am. ) BUT: lease in current place only goes to July 29th; so I've spent this week (no hours at work) moving stuff back and forth in suitcases to Mum's. Then my friend E, gentleman and scholar, has graciously offered to store the big stuff (computer, tv, etc) for the 4 or 5 days in between old lease and new lease.

*Which, also means, bed/furniture shopping. This has the possibility to turn me into Steve from Coupling. (DALEKS!)

*However, I am looking forward to Cape Cod at the end of August.

So apart from the usual anxiety brain, life is pretty good. And I'm really looking forward to living in a neighborhood again,
despite how nice this campus/campus apartment has been.
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[E Has Left The Project Team]
[E is a student again]
[End of line] (?)

So. That happened. Two of the most emotional days in my relatively short experience, and that was only the end of one thing. With the beginning of something else still to come. To retreat to my half an English degree, I'm feeling very liminal right now.

My office ( my office that was) likes any excuse to throw a party, I think, and my departure was it. But it was more than that, I think. We were 6 people, out on a separate campus from the rest of the university, connected by phone and email, but isolated just the same. Shoved together, we somehow clicked beautifully. Not elegant; busting chops, as in any New Jersey office, was our lingua franca. As my TV-tropes-obsessed brain might put it, we were a nakama, a team, for nearly three years. They were my first experience of gainful employment, and as I told them truthfully, I could not have had any better team-mates.

Because, I'll confide something to you, dear readers: I have an evil brain some times. It'll yell "screw-up" and "weirdo" at me constantly at high volume, telling me "People don't really like you. They just put up with you." And then, I have friends, and family, and friends that are family, who say "E's brain, you shut up now please."

My work computer's desktop, for the past year, has been a map of the Discworld. I had the  Three Rules for The Librarians of Time and Space on my wall. I would occasionally babble about it if asked. And a month ago, Coworker M, out of the blue, asked me, "Who's a better character, the Librarian or Ridcully?" I answered to the best of my abilities.

Fastforward to Thursday, and me holding in my hands an Unseen University soccer jersey, with "Librarian" on the back.

*dissolves into squishy emotional jelly*

And now it's over, and I'm not going to wake up Monday and putter into our tiny public-pool-locker-room looking office, say "good morning" or snark about something. I'll see them, I'll keep in contact, but something fundamental has changed.

I'm staring forward at something completely new in my life, in myriad different ways, and  I don't know at all how it's going to work out. *see entry title* Maybe thinking of it as a quest, with an end, will help. Only the orcs are more subtle, and there's no magic ring, just a piece of paper saying "Master's Degree".

Well, at least New Brunswick is not where the shadows lie, as far as I'm aware.

I hereby step my foot onto the road. Which, as they say, does tend to go ever on and on.
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So, as of next week, I have two months left at The Job. And it's getting weird, because at the occasional deathly boring parts of the weekend, I'm starting to preemptively miss it. I haven't been out of school long enough to not remember what self-scheduling is like. It's terrifying, at times, especially for a born procrastinator like me.  The Job is good, because I have something that I know I enjoy, with people I enjoy, 8 hours a day. But I am, in fact, looking forward to this. The prospect of change is what's scary, but it's also what's exhilarating.

Not exhilarating: spending 20 alternating minutes on the phone with The Maternal Unit and The Dad, working out summer vacation scheduling. Lucky brother, who gets his last summer of being *scheduled*. It's exhausting being a separate planning entity. But I am looking forward to a week on the Cape, and getting to see Stepma and Tiniest Brother. That should be fun.

Finally, meme time: Name any story I've written, and any character in them, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character which I didn't put in the story. 
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This is a problem. Because "In Plain Sight" is, for once, intruding on my philosophical writing brain. So y'all will have to bear with me.

'it's bad enough that he treats you as a puppet, but then he makes you pull your own strings."-Terry Pratchett )


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so, I am way behind in this personal news stuff, but, yeah, I'm going to Rutgers grad school in 4 months. (Holy crap, this is actually happening.)

*faffs about in happy and frantic joy*

Plus, my ability to do paperwork has gotten me into graduate housing, putting off actual scary adulthood for a year or so.

And so I have a moveout date, translating into an end-date with this weird litle Austenesque experiment.

(The Maternal Unit is not Mrs. Bennett. The Maternal Unit is more often Mr. Bennett, which as y'all know, is infinitely more terrifying.)

Although, The Fraternal Guy and I will be at the same university, and maybe in the same city, which is a little bit comforting. We have theoretical plans to see DKM. And I have promised to eventually write, for him, fic based on the comic book hero he came up with 2 years ago. Who is pretty awesome, but infinitey complicated.

So, aieeeeeeeee.
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Just in time for Easter.

It was two and a half weeks late, but I got into the Rutgers MLIS program on Thursday.


(Sans other two decisions, I'm not entirely decided where yet...probably gonna be Rutgers...but somewhere. SOMEWHERE.)

I am going to spend this weekend...well, watching more Farscape, which has been my obsession for the past two weeks. And possibly doing very girly things like shoe and clothes shopping or getting my hair done.

But most importantly, it will not be spent obsessing over my future. 'Cause I CAN HAZ GRAD SCHOOL. BITCHES.
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So, I was supposed to get one of the Grad-school decisions (or e-access to one ) on Monday. It is now Friday. And no decision. BUGGER. I called up the relevant office, where nobody is answering the phone, and the voice mail box is full.
It is such a pain in the ass when you have to rely on other people to be competent. GOD. :)

So, I spent the week  trying not to go completely twirly. I may try a "fic-finishing" day tomorrow, under the ebil influence of [ profile] amichevole . Or possibly go shoe-shopping and getting-hair-done-ing. I am capricious like that.

So for now, I'm stealing this meme from [ profile] bluerosefairy :

-Choose a random quote from each one of your favorite ships.
- Your friends now must guess the ship that each quote refers to. NO GOOGLING. Cheat if it's REALLY that important to you.
- Edit to add the answer when someone gets it right

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error, and upon me prov'd, I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd.- William Shakespeare )



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My coworker M, today, about library procedures: " [Polyethelene] Strappin' ain't easy, but it's necessary."
Me: "Like pimpin'."
M: "Exactly. My strap hand is strong."

(Some days I love my job.)

I've been rewatching my Titus DVDs. My favorite sitcom of all time, mostly because of a lovely Aristotlean confluence of dysfunction.  I.E., It premiered the year after my parents divorced, and portrayed a guy with a family way more screwed up then mine, who achieved some measure of happiness through snark, friends, and doing what he loved. So my hopeful escapism...was one of the most twisted sitcoms known to man. Yeah.

And I'm totally Tommy Shafter. The "normal" person, who is in reality just as screwed up as everybody else. (Even leaving out the flamboyant (if, not, in my case, gay) dad, whom you love but gotta just...I dunno deal with.)
Which...yeah, David Shatraw (Tommy)  is an impressively BRAVE actor, and I want to see him somewhere again.

/Here endeth your weekly Friday Night Freakout. Amplified by the fact that this Grad School Shit starts fo' real on Monday. 

And because fic calms me down (borrowed from [ profile] melliyna ):

Reply to this with a prompt and I will write you comment fic in return. Any fandom we have in common, any AU verse I might have written/written in/talked about writing in.
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So, I'm sitting here on a Wednesday night with no CM episode to ramble on about. Got a few fic ideas, can't figure out which to start.Staring at the third Snowpocalypse in three weeks. And, no grad school acceptances yet, while the job gets ever more drama-filled. Hoping that one of the results of the snowstorm is not the cancellation of Flogging Molly at the Electric Factory. An early birthday present from me, to me. Because yeah, turning the big quarter century next week. (Aiee.) So, not a lot has changed, and my life is filled mostly with drama dire mostly only to me. ;-p But, I have new Pratchett to read, including Night Watch. (Yaay).

So, good time for une Meme, methinks, yes? Yes.
here be dragons )
And, finally- my sophomore honors history teacher is going to go to jail for attempted arson and threats w/ an ax. (Apparently there were prescription drug interactions involved, and it's all very sad and sordid.) I remember him as a nice, funny, slightly intense guy, who managed through a whole year of a class filled with   snarky little G&T bastards like me. (For which respect must be paid.) It makes me sad, and confused. And I really hope he gets some help, and that his life goes upwards from here.
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St. George then looking round about,
The fiery dragon soon espy'd,
And like a knight of courage stout,
Against him did most furiously ride;
And with such blows he did him greet,
He fell beneath his horse's feet.

For with his launce that was so strong,
As he came gaping in his face,
In at his mouth he thrust along;
For he could pierce no other place:
And thus within the lady's view
This mighty dragon straight he slew.

-Anonymous, Old English

Okay, yes, a slight exaggeration.

All three applications are in and paid for, with their fiendishly peculiar personal statements. The GRE reports are ordered. The transcripts are ordered and waiting for a consent form to wing their way down from Garden Street. All's done except  a few bits of extraneous paperwork, and the recommendations, and the recommenders are three people who I trust intensely not to let me down. (I have good family, friends and colleagues, whom I don't praise nearly enough. So, I praise them. And praise them again.)

(Funny dangling modifier that I fortunately noticed before I sent in the essay: "Those books, magazines, and ephemeral audio-visual media that might have been lost to future researchers when they physically disintegrated will now be available for years to come." Yeah, needed to rearrange that one a bit, given all the physically disintegrating academics I've met in my life.)

Now I can stop freaking out about it all, wait for what happens to happen. And kill time by obsessing over the hundreth episode of CM and writing all the fic-bunnies that are pestering me.

ROWR. I HAVE SLAIN THE DRAGON. FEAR ME. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.

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I, 'thekara, promise to stop being the Bitch-Goddess from hell about this whole grad-school thing.

(Or at least  try.)

Maybe going out to buy pumpkins will help. My costume this year (for purposes of answering our door wit' candy: The Woman in Black. Complete with Eye-Patch and Cowboy Hat. UPDATE: Sunglasses worked infinitely better, plus the old string duster I forgot I owned.

And my copies of  [ profile] matociquala 's  By The Mountain Bound (new book!) and New Amsterdam (new to me!) arrived this morning. Score.

I just really wish there was some way to go into a Jedi-trance and have this paperwork shit be over and done with.


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