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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

melliyna gave me L )
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so, I am way behind in this personal news stuff, but, yeah, I'm going to Rutgers grad school in 4 months. (Holy crap, this is actually happening.)

*faffs about in happy and frantic joy*

Plus, my ability to do paperwork has gotten me into graduate housing, putting off actual scary adulthood for a year or so.

And so I have a moveout date, translating into an end-date with this weird litle Austenesque experiment.

(The Maternal Unit is not Mrs. Bennett. The Maternal Unit is more often Mr. Bennett, which as y'all know, is infinitely more terrifying.)

Although, The Fraternal Guy and I will be at the same university, and maybe in the same city, which is a little bit comforting. We have theoretical plans to see DKM. And I have promised to eventually write, for him, fic based on the comic book hero he came up with 2 years ago. Who is pretty awesome, but infinitey complicated.

So, aieeeeeeeee.
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Well, it was pretty fantastically 'Pocalyptic there for a while. And The University having two snow-days in a month might be considered a pretty intimidating harbinger.

Today, not yesterday. Yesterday was its own damn thing. The Snowpocalypse, Part One: Slushpocalypse came first. And then I go tall the way to work, and apparently? One of our transformers blew. And our old, POS heaters caught fire. Yeah. They were put out by the time I got there, but the damage was done. So we personally got a "Building Slightly On Fire, No Power Or Heat"...Day. Less catchy, slightly cooler. And if not for the snow day, we would all be at the main library today. (Well, I wouldn't, because I had planned to take today off any way. But now I don't have to blow vacation time.) And who knows what's going to happen on Monday.

So the last 36 hours have been kind of chaotic. But now? Sun is out, birds are chirping, walk is shoveled, and the NJ Transit buses, SEPTA, and AMTRAK are all up and running.

So, I will pretty myself up slightly, put on my dancing shoes (i.e., my pink/purple plaid Vans), and head down to the City of Brotherly.

For to see FLOGGING MOLLY. (For the first time in my personal experience.) 8:30 PM, Electric Factory. Even if it means catching the late night Amtrak because I missed the last regional rail, I *will* see this concert.

It is on, bitches.  Or as the French might say, CE PASSE,  CE SOIR....uh, bitches.

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a head cold which seems to have metamorphosed into a full-on sinus infection: -20
but which sounds worse than it feels, and which I am trying to overcome without antibiotics, because, hello, drug resistance: -10
a day at work which was full of incompetent braining on my part: -15
including EPIC SHELF-READING FAIL, meaning my coworker must go pick 5 pages worth of list again : -50.
(short story long: books what I thought were not there, were actually across the aisle. STUPID ANNEX SHELVING.)
no response from Thesis Adviser/Recommender after leaving him alone for a month post-info-dump email: aieee.

getting through Thanksgiving with mostly a minimum of family drama: + 15
quoting "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" at the Fraternal Unit, after he apparently complained about Paternal Uncle's stereo choices on the drive to the Thanksgiving restaurant: +20
having a Step-Mom with whom I get along and can commiserate with about Father-Related Issues: +35
discovering a new awesome cop-show/BBC movies in Foyle's War (Michael Kitchen is very good at his job) :+10
Less then a month till Christmas/Doctor Who, plus advent calendars even though I'm agnostic: yaaay
(I'm a very bad agnostic, really. I get so sucked in by all the trimmings, and I still love a good carol service. Maybe I need to turn pagan.)

Fic To-Do List (in no particular order)
(because 5.09 has thrown my ficcing world into chaos)
-"VITA"? Maybe? Kind off? Though after 100, it might need a present day epilogue.
- Some sort of prequel or sequel to "Birds and Bourbon", yet again pulled off course by the gravitational weight of 100.
- Mutiny in the BAU fic, with [ profile] amichevole
- A "Five-Things" post-ep to 100, involving the Gentile version of Shiva food. Stretching through the aftermath to Haley's funeral and beyond. I have the food, now I just need to write the thing.

And finally, 5 Questions Meme, partie trois, thanks to my cousin and partner in crime [ profile] phantomcranefly :

1. What song (or artist, or even kind of music) do you listen to most often?

It changes from season to season. Right now, it's Johnny Cash's American Recordings, albums one through five. And it depends on the day, which one I'm interested in. If I'm feeling upbeat, I like "Country Boy" or "Mean Eyed Cat",off American Recordings; if I'm feeling more mellow or low, I go for American Three: Solitary Man. Especially his cover of Bonnie Prince Billy's "I See A Darkness." Johnny Cash has become my non-emo emo, sadly. And if I'm not in a Man in Black mood, I go for the Dylan. I'm having a Dylan redecouverture, centered around Highway 61 Revisited and "Desolation Row" (as any Dylan fan paying attention to my entry titles recently would have realized.)

2. What book do you most need/want to read and haven't?

Probably any one of Isaac Asimov's novels you could name. The Foundation trilogy, I Robot, etc. When my mother introduced me to Roger Zelazny last year, I was so glad she did, and for the remainder of my time at the homestead, I *need* to raid her science fiction and fantasy collection.

3. What's something you didn't know in college that you now wish you had? (Why, no, I have no ulterior motive. None at all. Really.)

That a lot of things you think are incredibly important and world-shattering at the time...turn out not to be. That you can move on, semester by semester, and the important things are what you make of them. Oh, and find the place you want to be, and the things you want to do, and the grades will usually follow. Happy and involved students get better grades.

4. Which is cutest: Tribbles, Adipose babies, or Pikachu?

Not Adipose babies definitely, because the eyes just freak me out. And Pikachu is too inherently powerful, and dangerous in that way, to be completely "cute." Even if Tribbles could be as dangerous with their overpopulation, it's a slower death than electrocution. So, Tribbles all the way.

5. Tolkien or C. S. Lewis and why?

Have to go with Tolkien, just on personal preference. I have to confess I actually never got past the first couple of the Narnia books. Maybe because I was introduced to them as a kid. And it never really clicked with me. (maybe this needs to go under "Books I need to read but haven't".) Sacrilege alert: I only started reading LOTR *after* the release of the first movie. (*prepares for flinging of produce*) I was in my junior year of high school, right after 9/11, and it was a case of right book, right time, right person. I read through all three of them in a bout a month, and then on to the Silmarillion. Maybe, as a mythology nerd, Middle-Earth just called to me more. For escapism, it's pretty violent and sad. But good does eventually triumph, even at a price. (See also my current obsession with Criminal Minds.) .And Sam Gamgee....'nuff said.
(Though I would still adore Lewis just for The Screwtape Letters alone.)


this ends tonight's ramble. Bonne Nuit.
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Broadcasting for once from *my* computer, Norman the iMac. I'm nearly done adding 131 new songs to the iPod, which was my big project for the morning. (Yes, I still buy CDs. Norman the iMac is not currently networked 24-7, so it's easier this way. ) (Also, I will seriously need a bigger iPod eventually.) The crown jewel of which, is all 5 "American" albums by the Man in Black. Because Awesome Musically Obsessed Coworker With A Massive CD Collection is Awesome and Generous.

Doctor Who is BACK tonight, and I will find (probably nefarious) ways to watch it tomorrow. *noises of joy* Can't wait to watch the Doctor and Servillia of the Junii. Even though the arrival of "Waters of Mars" means that the finale of Ten's song is starting. *snerf*

But for now, NEW 5 QUESTIONS MEME STUFF! This time from the lovely and talented [ profile] melliyna , who is also responsible for the WW/CM Monster Crossover Bunny. (Or translation, a prequel/missing scene/sequel to "Birds and Bourbon.") Which, yay, I've actually started, and is kind of turning epic against my will. Damn her. :p

I want to be with my friends, my family..and these women. ).


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