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*waves at everybody* Things got a little hectic for a while there.
cut for personal stuff that you all can skip if necessary )

So, short story long :  [personal profile] lilalanor and I have been trading new fandom addictions back and forth this summer.

long and rather silly explanation )
SO: we decided the only solution- Food/Porn Fic-Athon!


FOOD. PORN. Two great tastes that taste great together! GO FOR IT!

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I am existent. I have slightly more existence than a breadbox, and slightly less existence than a truck. /Coupling-Jeff-Murdoch

I hereby state an early New Year's Resolution, that I will update these much more often than I have been. Having only three classes rather than four next semester should help quite a bit.

Sorry that I sort of disappeared during December, but I did end up killing my first semester of grad school with fire. Even the design-y artistic things that freaked me out, and writing papers for the first time in three years. The thing they never tell you about library science reading is how funny it is. Lots of stealth snark about very nerdy things.

Plus, pre-Christmas exams/due-dates are the best thing ever. I can spend a near-month working and bothering the internet and writing fic, and *then* back into the breach, dear friends.

She Who Is Glorious And Should Be Worshipped, Miss Rachel Maddow, did three live shows from the 92Y in NYC the week before Christmas. And since I was done on the 20th, I went to see the first one. She was amazing, as were [personal profile] aliya , [personal profile] jesidres , and [personal profile] willwrite_fortea , who are delightful and  bravely put up with my weirdness/squee throughout dinner and the show.

Went up to MA for the holidays, saw the Grandrents and a lot of family, including my best-beloved [ profile] phantomcranefly . We all watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special together on Christmas night, and it was as nerdy and as glorious as one might expect. A trip to the Christmas Revels happened DESPITE Winter Snowpocalypse 2010, and much pagan ritual and singing were had.

And now the Mom and the FG and I are spending our usual New Year's decompression week at the Old Homestead. There are tentative plans to go see The King's Speech tomorrow.

Also? White Collar comes back in three weeks! EEEEEE. And thanks to [ profile] monkeyonthelam , I have a new awesome show, Castle, to squee about. With a pompous but nerdy and awesome Nathan Fillion, and a leading lady who brings the snark, and a work family who is nearing equal in my estimation to the BAU. What can I say, I'm hooked.

I'm also well  into the second season of The Man From UNCLE, is very hard to describe my feelings for this show. I'm not usually one for strong shipping, especially anything that's not supported in canon. But there's a first time for everything, so Illya and Napoleon have made me into a confirmed slasher.  And yeah, lots of humour and subtle spy-guy angst and "only alive on the edge of death" stuff too.

Spring semester starts the 18th, and getting through this *first* semester has helped a whole lot. I have a few shifts at my job, but I think the next demi-month or so will be spent being mostly useless and/or writing things.

Welcome Yule, Love, and Happy Holidays, all.

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Cape Cod living, that is.
It is a tiny house, filled with family-type people. But it's actually been a lot of fun. (Tiniest Brother is an illegal amount of cute.)
And also:I'm totally one of those people, now. Last week, I broke down and got a Blackberry (his name is Francis, and he is so shiny.) I now understand why they call them Crackberries.
We went to see Toy Story 3 tonight (fantastic, amazing, emotionally not playing at all fair.) And somehow we ended up in a Shaw's afterwards. And I stared at Francis for 20 solid minutes, while walking and not crashing into random produce. Go me.
So: I really miss annoying the Internet. So this, right here, is a Post Of and For Shiny. Leave me prompts of any kind, for any rating, in any of my fandoms, and I will write you comment-fic.(Yeah. I know. But shiny is better than a lot of bad habits.)
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Just in time for Easter.

It was two and a half weeks late, but I got into the Rutgers MLIS program on Thursday.


(Sans other two decisions, I'm not entirely decided where yet...probably gonna be Rutgers...but somewhere. SOMEWHERE.)

I am going to spend this weekend...well, watching more Farscape, which has been my obsession for the past two weeks. And possibly doing very girly things like shoe and clothes shopping or getting my hair done.

But most importantly, it will not be spent obsessing over my future. 'Cause I CAN HAZ GRAD SCHOOL. BITCHES.
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Different people having the SAME DAMN ARGUMENT (in this case Hotch/Haley) every 5-6 months. Not just the same subject, but the same premises and conclusions, etc. 20 posts of the same stuff. I like a good argument as much as anybody, but after the 4th or 5th time, one just has to tune out and wait for someone to change the subject. And some times even that doesn't work. It only dies down, and then springs up again. And the saga of is only one example; I've seen this in other fandoms.


I'm currently hunkering down for the slightly-epic North Carolina Thanksgiving trip. Including Littlest Brother! Awesome. Even if it has been decided already that we're going out for dinner, to some special Thanksgiving Brazilian Barbecue. (mmmkay.)But having my parents in separate states for the holidays does help. It's not that they fight. It's that they bitch slyly about each other, and guess who is the buffer state in this scenario? Ahyup.

Today has been slightly odd, mentally. Like I've been half a step behind all day.
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Broadcasting for once from *my* computer, Norman the iMac. I'm nearly done adding 131 new songs to the iPod, which was my big project for the morning. (Yes, I still buy CDs. Norman the iMac is not currently networked 24-7, so it's easier this way. ) (Also, I will seriously need a bigger iPod eventually.) The crown jewel of which, is all 5 "American" albums by the Man in Black. Because Awesome Musically Obsessed Coworker With A Massive CD Collection is Awesome and Generous.

Doctor Who is BACK tonight, and I will find (probably nefarious) ways to watch it tomorrow. *noises of joy* Can't wait to watch the Doctor and Servillia of the Junii. Even though the arrival of "Waters of Mars" means that the finale of Ten's song is starting. *snerf*

But for now, NEW 5 QUESTIONS MEME STUFF! This time from the lovely and talented [ profile] melliyna , who is also responsible for the WW/CM Monster Crossover Bunny. (Or translation, a prequel/missing scene/sequel to "Birds and Bourbon.") Which, yay, I've actually started, and is kind of turning epic against my will. Damn her. :p

I want to be with my friends, my family..and these women. ).
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(i disavow all true responsibilty for this post, it's [ profile] katewallace 's fault. Hee.)

Come in and say "Resistance is futile" and I will give you 5 questions. Make an entry in your journal with your answers.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. )

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Are You Being Served

I would so TOTALLY watch a Are You Being Served prequel involving the life and loves of Ms. E. Slocumbe (or Ms. E. Unknown-Maiden-Name) during the post WWII period. Anybody else? Bueller?

Also, Mrs. Slocumbe and Capt. Peacock have most definitely done it at least once. And as kinky as it sounds, I totally ship Mrs. Slocumbe/Mr. Lucas. In the totally unhealthy/Buffy-Spike in Season Four kind of way. (Not Season 5 and after, because that just got sad.) Mrs. Slocumbe is such a cougar. That would be some very angry sex, but it would be hot.

And maybe, just maybe, I think Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas did some drunken experimenting once or twice. (You smooth talking sex maniac indeed.)

Good Neighbours

We watched through this last year, and I have such a crush on Paul Eddington, it's ridiculous. The chemistry between that show's main foursome was cuttable with a spoon. Which is why my favorite episode is The Wind-Break War, from Series 3 or 4. I love drunken Jerry trying not to, and completely failing at not flirting with Barbara in the kitchen, while they are mistakenly loading dishes into the freezer. "Dishywashy? Dishywashy?" I love Margot and Tom's scene only slightly less, simply because it's a tad more serious due to poor Margot's poignant insecurity.

And Rule 34 says that since I thought of it, there must be FRAO Margot/Jerry/Tom/Barbara fic out there.  Maybe I will look for it some day.But if there isn't, I don't think I have the talent or the courage to write it, yet.

Damn my fandom nature being seemingly limited to work-families where I find it icky to write anything porny. And I know even family-family doesn't stop a lot of writers in the SPN fandom but NO. Just no. I am open-minded to a lot of stuff in fic.  Even in CM where I would scream if they came anywhere close to inter-team shipping on the show.. I have a closet thing for Rossi/Prentiss, just because writers like [ profile] mingsmommy  and [ profile] wojelah  have written it so well. But Wincest is one of my sincere turnoffs. (Dean/Ellen....that is another story. But if asked, I will totally deny everything. I think.

Hah. This post ended up being much longer than I intended. Must be off.  I've decided to rewatch Shaun of The Dead and snack on our massive surfeit of Halloween candy tonight. (Lack of trick-or-treaters makes E tres sad.)  I do ship both Shaun/Ed, and Angel/Danny from Hot Fuzz. But only because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the most epic bros that ever bro'ed.


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