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I am existent. I have slightly more existence than a breadbox, and slightly less existence than a truck. /Coupling-Jeff-Murdoch

I hereby state an early New Year's Resolution, that I will update these much more often than I have been. Having only three classes rather than four next semester should help quite a bit.

Sorry that I sort of disappeared during December, but I did end up killing my first semester of grad school with fire. Even the design-y artistic things that freaked me out, and writing papers for the first time in three years. The thing they never tell you about library science reading is how funny it is. Lots of stealth snark about very nerdy things.

Plus, pre-Christmas exams/due-dates are the best thing ever. I can spend a near-month working and bothering the internet and writing fic, and *then* back into the breach, dear friends.

She Who Is Glorious And Should Be Worshipped, Miss Rachel Maddow, did three live shows from the 92Y in NYC the week before Christmas. And since I was done on the 20th, I went to see the first one. She was amazing, as were [personal profile] aliya , [personal profile] jesidres , and [personal profile] willwrite_fortea , who are delightful and  bravely put up with my weirdness/squee throughout dinner and the show.

Went up to MA for the holidays, saw the Grandrents and a lot of family, including my best-beloved [ profile] phantomcranefly . We all watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special together on Christmas night, and it was as nerdy and as glorious as one might expect. A trip to the Christmas Revels happened DESPITE Winter Snowpocalypse 2010, and much pagan ritual and singing were had.

And now the Mom and the FG and I are spending our usual New Year's decompression week at the Old Homestead. There are tentative plans to go see The King's Speech tomorrow.

Also? White Collar comes back in three weeks! EEEEEE. And thanks to [ profile] monkeyonthelam , I have a new awesome show, Castle, to squee about. With a pompous but nerdy and awesome Nathan Fillion, and a leading lady who brings the snark, and a work family who is nearing equal in my estimation to the BAU. What can I say, I'm hooked.

I'm also well  into the second season of The Man From UNCLE, is very hard to describe my feelings for this show. I'm not usually one for strong shipping, especially anything that's not supported in canon. But there's a first time for everything, so Illya and Napoleon have made me into a confirmed slasher.  And yeah, lots of humour and subtle spy-guy angst and "only alive on the edge of death" stuff too.

Spring semester starts the 18th, and getting through this *first* semester has helped a whole lot. I have a few shifts at my job, but I think the next demi-month or so will be spent being mostly useless and/or writing things.

Welcome Yule, Love, and Happy Holidays, all.

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Finally saw THE APARTMENT on Monday, when I went to pick up the keys from the Housing Office and get my student ID. And I have to say, it's really kind of fantastic. The dining room and the living room are one, but they are furnished (!) I will need to go purchase some Sofa Parasites (tm Steven Moffatt) though. Then there is the unholy abomination that I have termed the Hallchen, because Kitchway doesn't have the cadence. Basically it is a corridor with the bedrooms on one side, refrigerator/cabinets/electric range (!!) on the other, and bathroom at the end. 

Don't know which bedroom I'll get, because a) haven't heard back from Theoretical Roomie, so b) she may be there when I arrive. I have termed them Thingummy and Bob, and am now leaning toward claiming Bob, if I have my choice.

It's less than 48 hours until  Saturday morning and the main portion of move-out. Involving driving and cars. And (Ex)Coworker M coming in contact with my mother. Which could go fantastically, or could go like matter meeting anti-matter. Who knows. Most things are packed. Tomorrow,  since the FG is heading up to campus for band camp anyway, I'm accompanying them with a YOOGE suitcase full of clothes.

I also have a bead on a part-time assistant job which sounds rather fun, so *fingers crossed*; and I've discovered or rediscovered "White Collar", and am having a Tim DeKay renaissance. I swear to god I'm not fandom-cheating on Hotch, though.

And there are many, many other family things going on at the exact same time, so basically, it's our annual/bi-yearly tornado of STUFF. Of which my shit is really the least important; and for the first time in a year or so, I feel like I may be on top of it. (Check back in two weeks after classes start. There May Be Flail.)
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So, as of next week, I have two months left at The Job. And it's getting weird, because at the occasional deathly boring parts of the weekend, I'm starting to preemptively miss it. I haven't been out of school long enough to not remember what self-scheduling is like. It's terrifying, at times, especially for a born procrastinator like me.  The Job is good, because I have something that I know I enjoy, with people I enjoy, 8 hours a day. But I am, in fact, looking forward to this. The prospect of change is what's scary, but it's also what's exhilarating.

Not exhilarating: spending 20 alternating minutes on the phone with The Maternal Unit and The Dad, working out summer vacation scheduling. Lucky brother, who gets his last summer of being *scheduled*. It's exhausting being a separate planning entity. But I am looking forward to a week on the Cape, and getting to see Stepma and Tiniest Brother. That should be fun.

Finally, meme time: Name any story I've written, and any character in them, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character which I didn't put in the story. 
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So, wonder of wonders, the University actually closed down to non-critical employees during yesterday's blizzard. (You laugh, but the Uni nearly never closes for snow. It is a running joke worthy of Pratchett.) This is this biggest snow event I can remember since the '96 blizzard. Which I found much cooler mostly because I was 11 and could play in it. I did mostly nothing yesterday, except watch through the Whedonverse with the Fraternal Guy. (We're on Angel Season Four right now, and it is highly enjoyable.)

Today, they are trying to dig out from under, and opened about 20 minutes ago. But since I have the time stored up, and the shoveling needed to get done, I called out. So TFG and I just finished the shoveling, and are preparing to put the kettle on while watching more Angel. Snowpocalypse, Now-ish. I may attempt a batch of cranberry sauce later. Plus, it is one of my nights to cook, AKA Ravioli and Salad Night. Nom.

So, very good time for MEME! (blame [ profile] katewallace . Again. She is my enabler. :)


Snow, Star Trek, Hotch, grad school, "Vita" )
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I'm back. So sorry, didn't get y'all any presents. :)  The best stuff I got- that is to say, time with my family- sadly non-transferable.

You can't have my Grand'rents. They're MINE. MINE ALL MINE. (I was always not that great at sharing in kindergarten.)

BOSTON TRIP! Well, sort of. Avatar and Doctor Who spoilers within )

Hmmmm. Probably should go do something useful now? ....Nah. VACATION TIEM.


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So, after three weeks, the sinus infection seems to be retreating to its pre-floodwater boundaries. Evidentiary support: I could actually smell at least 50% of the massive amount of garlic I put in last night's Big Sauce. Just in time for the scheduled-three-months-ago doctor's appointment on Monday. Nice one, immune system. Also: I am so shameless. I was going to take that day completely *off*. But then the Library scheduled the Yearly Holiday Luncheon With Awesome Gourmet Food on that same day, at noon. So I am totally just coming in to work at noon, going to the luncheon, and then working a perfunctory couple of hours afterwards. Hey, there need to be some perks for working in academe.

Family Christmas is shaping up rather nicely. Translation: the two halves of my extended family are communicating and planning with minimal need for my diplomatic involvement. And there will now be a grand communal trip to the Christmas Revels on Boxing Day. Very sweet. Although I'm going to be incredibly homesick on the walk through Harvard Square to Sanders Theater. *cue Avenue Q's "I Wish I Could Go Back To College* But I don't miss college so much as I miss Boston. Thus, the Evil Grad School Plan.

Last new CM of the year tonight! Expect much squeeing and the usual write-up.

I am vaguely considering getting blonde highlights this weekend. Or possibly just my usual metal-magenta color. Y/N? Provide rationales.

Finally, because it is the source of my new McPrentiss fic-obsession, and damn it, I *do* deserve some shiny:
Comment to this post with an offer to write in any fandom that you or I have in common. I will answer with a prompt. Then, you will write me comment-fic, snippets, or whatever comes to mind. Now go post this in your own journal and demand fic of your very own! Make your flist work! You had a long week and you DESERVE it, dammit!

UPDATE: If I'm going to post this meme, I should probably include my shows, shouldn't I? bad E. No cookie.

-How I Met Your Mother
-Criminal Minds
-White Collar
-Star Trek (any series)
-Doctor Who
-The West Wing
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a head cold which seems to have metamorphosed into a full-on sinus infection: -20
but which sounds worse than it feels, and which I am trying to overcome without antibiotics, because, hello, drug resistance: -10
a day at work which was full of incompetent braining on my part: -15
including EPIC SHELF-READING FAIL, meaning my coworker must go pick 5 pages worth of list again : -50.
(short story long: books what I thought were not there, were actually across the aisle. STUPID ANNEX SHELVING.)
no response from Thesis Adviser/Recommender after leaving him alone for a month post-info-dump email: aieee.

getting through Thanksgiving with mostly a minimum of family drama: + 15
quoting "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" at the Fraternal Unit, after he apparently complained about Paternal Uncle's stereo choices on the drive to the Thanksgiving restaurant: +20
having a Step-Mom with whom I get along and can commiserate with about Father-Related Issues: +35
discovering a new awesome cop-show/BBC movies in Foyle's War (Michael Kitchen is very good at his job) :+10
Less then a month till Christmas/Doctor Who, plus advent calendars even though I'm agnostic: yaaay
(I'm a very bad agnostic, really. I get so sucked in by all the trimmings, and I still love a good carol service. Maybe I need to turn pagan.)

Fic To-Do List (in no particular order)
(because 5.09 has thrown my ficcing world into chaos)
-"VITA"? Maybe? Kind off? Though after 100, it might need a present day epilogue.
- Some sort of prequel or sequel to "Birds and Bourbon", yet again pulled off course by the gravitational weight of 100.
- Mutiny in the BAU fic, with [ profile] amichevole
- A "Five-Things" post-ep to 100, involving the Gentile version of Shiva food. Stretching through the aftermath to Haley's funeral and beyond. I have the food, now I just need to write the thing.

And finally, 5 Questions Meme, partie trois, thanks to my cousin and partner in crime [ profile] phantomcranefly :

1. What song (or artist, or even kind of music) do you listen to most often?

It changes from season to season. Right now, it's Johnny Cash's American Recordings, albums one through five. And it depends on the day, which one I'm interested in. If I'm feeling upbeat, I like "Country Boy" or "Mean Eyed Cat",off American Recordings; if I'm feeling more mellow or low, I go for American Three: Solitary Man. Especially his cover of Bonnie Prince Billy's "I See A Darkness." Johnny Cash has become my non-emo emo, sadly. And if I'm not in a Man in Black mood, I go for the Dylan. I'm having a Dylan redecouverture, centered around Highway 61 Revisited and "Desolation Row" (as any Dylan fan paying attention to my entry titles recently would have realized.)

2. What book do you most need/want to read and haven't?

Probably any one of Isaac Asimov's novels you could name. The Foundation trilogy, I Robot, etc. When my mother introduced me to Roger Zelazny last year, I was so glad she did, and for the remainder of my time at the homestead, I *need* to raid her science fiction and fantasy collection.

3. What's something you didn't know in college that you now wish you had? (Why, no, I have no ulterior motive. None at all. Really.)

That a lot of things you think are incredibly important and world-shattering at the time...turn out not to be. That you can move on, semester by semester, and the important things are what you make of them. Oh, and find the place you want to be, and the things you want to do, and the grades will usually follow. Happy and involved students get better grades.

4. Which is cutest: Tribbles, Adipose babies, or Pikachu?

Not Adipose babies definitely, because the eyes just freak me out. And Pikachu is too inherently powerful, and dangerous in that way, to be completely "cute." Even if Tribbles could be as dangerous with their overpopulation, it's a slower death than electrocution. So, Tribbles all the way.

5. Tolkien or C. S. Lewis and why?

Have to go with Tolkien, just on personal preference. I have to confess I actually never got past the first couple of the Narnia books. Maybe because I was introduced to them as a kid. And it never really clicked with me. (maybe this needs to go under "Books I need to read but haven't".) Sacrilege alert: I only started reading LOTR *after* the release of the first movie. (*prepares for flinging of produce*) I was in my junior year of high school, right after 9/11, and it was a case of right book, right time, right person. I read through all three of them in a bout a month, and then on to the Silmarillion. Maybe, as a mythology nerd, Middle-Earth just called to me more. For escapism, it's pretty violent and sad. But good does eventually triumph, even at a price. (See also my current obsession with Criminal Minds.) .And Sam Gamgee....'nuff said.
(Though I would still adore Lewis just for The Screwtape Letters alone.)


this ends tonight's ramble. Bonne Nuit.
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Different people having the SAME DAMN ARGUMENT (in this case Hotch/Haley) every 5-6 months. Not just the same subject, but the same premises and conclusions, etc. 20 posts of the same stuff. I like a good argument as much as anybody, but after the 4th or 5th time, one just has to tune out and wait for someone to change the subject. And some times even that doesn't work. It only dies down, and then springs up again. And the saga of is only one example; I've seen this in other fandoms.


I'm currently hunkering down for the slightly-epic North Carolina Thanksgiving trip. Including Littlest Brother! Awesome. Even if it has been decided already that we're going out for dinner, to some special Thanksgiving Brazilian Barbecue. (mmmkay.)But having my parents in separate states for the holidays does help. It's not that they fight. It's that they bitch slyly about each other, and guess who is the buffer state in this scenario? Ahyup.

Today has been slightly odd, mentally. Like I've been half a step behind all day.
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I'm having multiple homesickness pangs tonight.

Except I'm having them for about three different places.

I listen to music, I feel one thing. I watch baseball, another. And then, looking outside my window, or talking to a friend way off in China, there's a whole 'nother thing going on.

This is  a problem.
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 * The Maternal Unit, after 12 years, one divorce, two cats, and numerous false starts, has completely completed her Big Fucking Dissertation. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
My mother is totally awesome, y'all. And FAMILY COMMENCEMENT ROAD TRIP will be in a month and two days. (1 hour, 15 minutes on the Northeast Corridor Line being not much of a road trip, but still.) The Aunt is coming, and the Cousin from Chicago might just randomly show up as well. It also happens to be the same date as the Criminal Minds Supersize Double Stuff finale. So that will be a totally awesome day, methinks.

*The SOX! came back against the Doity Boids last night, to win 10-8. I got a little out of baseball last year for various reasons, one being that doing my undiagnosed Intense Obsessive thang about both spectator sports (Patriots, too)  *and* work was shortening my life span. But being so very pissed this past week about the Sox losing made me realize how much I still loved them.

*Going home from Work yesterday was highly, highly strange. First: there was a pitched battle, involving about 15-20 10-11 year olds in front of the N. Quad. It seemed at least to have at least one adult supervisor, but I felt like I was stepping into that Monty Python sketch. The one about the Ladies Auxilliary reenacting the battle of Pearl Harbor in a mud pit. I barely got out alive. 

Afterwards, waiting for the bus for 10-ish minutes, I was captive audience to a Street Preacher. Which, living in Boston for a while, I had seen before. But he looked like your average University frat-ish douchebag, dressed all in khaki shorts and a freaking polo shirt. A POLO SHIRT, people. (Yes, I am prejudiced.) Yelling a rambling, combative sermon to the passers-by, and causing me great cognitive dissonance. He was  probably out there because this is University's PreFrosh Weekend, and there were tons more people than even your average Friday Night in the Square. He had an Accomplice, too, handing out pamphlets, which I politely refused, given that they would probably make me say something I would regret later.

Because, while I am an Agnostic, and have been so for a while,  religion still fascinates me. I took a class in college on Islam (historical and cultural), and tried to read the Bible all the way through once. (Only got as far as Deuteronomy, I think.) So I respect religion. However, that doesn't stop me from feeling that yelling at people, ranting and raving at them on the street, about the love of God, is not the best way to go. 

Must go actually change into clothes now. I have this Criminal Minds fic bunny yelling at me, and maybe some food will bring it out.


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