May. 12th, 2011

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Fandom: John Adams (HBO Miniseries)
Disclaimer: John and Thomas and Abigail, as portrayed here, belong to  HBO, David McCullough, the creators and writers of the  miniseries, and especially to Paul Giamatti, Stephen Dillane. and the divine Laura Linney. I only play with them naughtily and put them back when I am done.
Rating: FRAO. There be sexins ahoy. Seriously: I am about do to your civic myths what other kinds of fic do to your childhoods.
Genre: PWP/Friendship/Angst/OT3
Spoilers: The whole damn miniseries, really, but especially up to episode 5.
Pairing: Thomas Jefferson/John Adams/Abigail Adams

Notes: 1) Set during "Unite Or Die", specifically the night of that big fight John and Thomas have in the pub.
2)  Written as  a sequel to "Something That Is Mine", and will make a lot more sense if you read that one first.
3) This was variously known during its writing as "that damned fic", "that god-damned fic", and especially "The OT3 of Doom." But I love it dearly, and it would not have gotten finished without the gentle and pointed encouragement of [personal profile] lilalanor and [personal profile] kelachrome . This is dedicated to you, darlings.

Summary: Everything seems to be falling apart, John's stuck in Philadelphia again, and Thomas is leaving for Virginia the next morning.  But sometimes Lady Fortune has other plans.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat- Roman Proverb )


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